When Google Start Making Your Google Adsense Payment?


Now many bloggers or publishers have received payment from Google Adsense. No less awesome on the Youtube platform. The average person certainly has a Youtube account aimed at either sharing hobbies, knowledge, information or even to find side income from advertising especially Google Adsense.

There are also those of us who are just starting out and know what Google Adsense is, so they have made plans so that their platform either through as a blogger or youtuber is accepted by Google to publish Adsense on their account.

Since dabbling in the blogging world, for the first time we managed to get paid from Google Adsense. Certainly some conditions must be met to get permission to display ads and also remove payments from Adsense.


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If you already have a full Google Adsense account, the next phase is to collect the payment and pass the payment threshold or Paymen Threshold before you are eligible to issue a payment or cashout payment.

Already passed the minimum payment threshold? So when will Google pay us? Here you wait again? How long?

Google Adsense Starts Making Payments To You

You need to know, the Adsense payment cycle is monthly. If you accumulate some total daily income for up to a month, at the beginning of the following month the finalized income will be shown the balance on the Payment page.

  "Example: in June, you collect USD20, in early Julyit will show USD20 on the Payment page"

On this Payment page, the Payment Threshold will be shown which you need to reach to enable you to cashout payment.


Ok, if the Adsense account in your Payment section already shows more than the Payment Threshold, when does Google start making payments?


Go to Adsense account > click Payment

If on July 1, 2021 your Payment value has passed the Payment Threshold and above, Google informs, they will make the payment on the 21st - 26th of the same month. You can monitor your bank on that date.

Experience Receiving Google Adsense Payments

If before this I had shared the experience of receiving Google Adsense payments, here I want to share how the program works.

On Jun 1, 2021, my Google Adsense account in the Payment section already has the minimum level of withdrawal and in a few days, Google sent an email informing me that I can check the payment in my Adsense account. So you are eligible to receive payment from Google Adsense

GA Email.png

Then on Jun 22, 2021, I could see in my Adsense account, Google had issued a payment to my bank account. On Jun 23, 2021, I received a payment from Google. So the payment is made within the time frame set by Google which is 21 - 26 days of each month.

It is important that you take care of your Adsense account as best you can. Do not violate the instructions, do not click adsense ads yourself and avoid your Adsense account being withdrawn or banned. This Adsense can definitely be your side income or maybe it can be your main income later.