Finally! Adsense Account
HAD BEEN Verified!

Finally! Adsense Account had been Verified | After a few weeks to get a verification letter, finally the letter arrived in Johor , Malaysia successfully. This letter was sent from Google because it is a condition for adsense users like me to receive payment from Google Adsense. From the written account, Google sent the letter on Apr 28, 2021 and it arrived safely on Jun 01, 2021. It took about 4 weeks to reach Malaysia.

This entry is just a sharing of experience to all new readers who want to use Google Adsense to generate side income using the blog or YouTube platform.

So what is the content of this letter from Google?
The content of this letter I received is a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that needs to be used to verify our adsense account. By using this PIN as well, allows you to receive the first payment from Google as well as become a legitimate publisher on behalf of Google.


How do I get the PIN?
In short, to get the PIN number, of course you must first get an adsense account by applying to Google. How do I get an adsense account there I wrote in the entry where Google has approved my adsense application.

So after getting approval from Google, you must accumulate at least USD$10 to get account verification from Google. Then Google will mail a letter containing a PIN to your address. Like what I received.

So to dear readers, lighten your finger to click my adsense ok. Please! want to also feel USD from Adsense. May we all be blessed. And anyone who has tips for adsense can share them in the comment box. Very much needed. Thank you

Google Adsense Letter.jpg