Alternative Way To Generate Income from Your YouTube Channel


There is another way you can get income from YouTube, which is by placing a Shopee/Lazada or any shopping platform link to your video description.
Instead of just sharing the link, is better generate your own link in INVOLVE ASIA and share it in your video descriptions. By this way, you can earn some income when user or subscribers click and buy items from the link.

It's FREE !  It's FREE !  It's FREE !
You don't have to pay. All you have to do is just sign in to the website:

You can refer to the example at HnF Wonderland on how to place the links on YouTube:


How to Start?

Create Account

1. Create your own account by click on

Fill-in Your details

2. Fill-in your Account & Property Details and click Create Account.


3. Check your email. Hooray, just 1 more step before you can start earning money. Complete your registration by confirm your email address.

Involve Asia Referral Campaign - Lucky Draw

Campaign Description


Stand a chance to win Cash!

Invite your friends and family, or anyone online to also join Involve as a Publisher. Register with Involve Asia now Get MYR5 for each successful sign up and stand a chance to win MYR100 on Lucky Draw!

Campaign period: 9th July – 31st October 2021

If you’ve successfully referred at least 3 new people to join Involve during this timeframe, we’ll automatically enter you into a lucky draw.
The winners of this lucky draw will win RM100 and will be announced on the 3rd of January 2022.


Terms and Conditions

It is your responsibility to fully understand and accept the terms & conditions of this campaign should you choose to participate.

1. Publishers hereby accept and agree that they can only participate in this referral campaign from 9th May to 31st October 2021.

2. This referral campaign is only open to Publishers on Involve Asia’s Network who are from and have traffic in these countries:
     Malaysia - Indonesia - Thailand - Philippines - Singapore 

3. Publishers who provide the referral link ( will get MYR5 per successful sign up.
4. A user who signs up through the referral link ( will get MYR5 per successful account activation.
5. There is a maximum amount to be paid of RM20,000 to Referees during this campaign. This is based on a first-come, first-serve basis.
6. Only Referrers with three (3) sign ups are qualified to have their name put into the lucky draw.
7. A total of three (3) randomly selected winners from each country will be chosen to win MYR100 in cash prize. There will be a total of 15 winners for the duration of this campaign.
8. A Referrer can only win once.
9. Any other referral links or promotions generated outside of this campaign will not be counted as valid in this campaign and not eligible for the lucky draw.
10. It is at Involve Asia’s discretion on the selection of winners based in each country
        - Malaysia
        - Indonesia
        - Thailand
        - Philippines
        - Singapore
11. It is at Involve Asia’s discretion to pick the winner of the lucky draw who will be announced up to 60 days after the campaign ends